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"Really enjoy the info and exercises."
- Michelle O

"I should probably stop reading magazines... everything you do has worked for me and is superior to what i have read on any magazine."
- Christian A

"I want to start off by saying that its absolutely amazing what you are doing. You are helping so many people get healthy. I have never met anybody, let alone anybody with credentials like yours, that is willing to offer support, advice and tips on living a healthy life. Ever since I read the first health magazine you where in, I make it a daily reutine to read your posts on Facebook for tips and advice."
- Matt G

"I'm very excited to try out your new workout routine for women and your 30 day diet plan. Thanks for your help."
- Lisa R

"I love the hotel/home workouts, I will definitely incorporate those into my daily routine on the road."
- Jonathan W

"I tend to pick and choose what works best for me and my body at the age of 56. I love your approach and we agree that the mental/emotional aspect of training is so much more important than just going through the motions......THE BEST 8 BUCKS THAT I EVER SPENT!"
- Phil W

"Hey Joe just want to say I love reading your page. You're one of the few fitness figures that I see respond to every post- almost immediately and with detail. Thanks for the inspiration!"
-Katrina R

"I love the workouts and information"
- Chris B

"Just figured I'd drop you a line to say THANK YOU. The structure of the site and the dieting ideas have been huge. I'm down 10 pounds since the 1st (that's including 2 76ers Games, The Winter Classic and a bachelor party. All of which I ate and drank like a 22 year old). But I was able to weather it and even add muscle and lose weight because I was regimented every other day"
- Jonathan W

"You definitely inspired me Joe! Your goal of motivating and inspiring people is happening!"
- Bryan H

"I recently bought the Fitness Rx magazine at JFK and read over twice every detail of your article and your workout plan. As soon as my plane landed I immediately went online to your website and bought the monthly subscription! I am extremely happy"
- Chris R

"Thank you for your website!!! Thanks in advance for your help and thanks for the kick in the ass"
- Jae E

"Thanks Joe! You are the real deal. I love it! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule/ day to email me. It is truly appreciated! I respect what you are doing and how you are doing it. Keep kicking ass and training insane! You are a total inspiration and I am sure awesome things are ahead for you!"
- Bootcamp LLC

"You are a total beast and your training is awesome! I have been training for the last 21 years and your training style is real!"
- Bryan B

"Absolutely love your workout."
- Tom B

"...thanks again so much. Your a great motivation and I feel blessed just to have heard back from you! You are the man thanks for the daily workouts and tips."
- Anthony G

"Just wanted to thank you for emailing me back so quickly... I also spent some time on website today checking everything you posted, so spot on man, I will for sure tell people. Your workout videos, you're an animal! Love 'em man, 110% motivating!"
- James P

"I love your vids, very motivating!"
- Jordan C

"I also wanted to say thanks for everything. I started your program after thanksgiving when I was 243 and around my heaviest since after college football and basketball. I am now down to 228 and feeling much better especially after getting use to the diet (losing fat and building mass). The workouts you put together are beyond amazing and make me work my ass off at the gym instead of going and taking my sweet time like my old workout had me doing (which might work for some people but not me). So I wanted to say thanks and its always great to hear all the motivational stuff on facebook and wanted to say thanks back to you. "
- Jacob H

"A buddy of mine showed me your website and a couple workouts last week. Haven't felt that good in awhile after of a solid week in the gym."
- Mike S

"...your website is awesome and very helpful..."
- Pat B

"I would like to thank you for taking care of all your followers."
- Matt L

"Thanks for your advices its helping me hugely! Thanks for your time JD.
everyday you inspire me..."
- Rhys W

"It was nothing but motivational to say the least. Your workouts are ridiculous, your responses to peoples questions are no bullshit, which I like. You basically tell it how it is and it's apparent you know what you're talking about. Even people who ask the dumbest questions or the SAME ones over and over, you still take the time to answer them."
- James C

"Best workout I've ever had. Thanks a lot for your help"
- Ian T

"This is awesome what you have done and are doing!"
- Frank M

"Glad you're doing this cause you push the hell out of people and of me back then!"
- Frank M

"You are a no bullshit type of guy.........leadership, guidance......great qualities to be proud of.....very few....very few have this realization."
- Tom S

"hey love your website! Had a friend turn me onto it the other day. Great stuff and enjoy all the motivation."
- Tanner F

"Just wanted to take a minute to say how impressed i am with this site and Joe. I am also a personal trainer and subscribed to his site last night. I am impressed with the info on it and the personal attention given. i had a question about surgery and emailed him and was responded to asap. Don't see that much these day! i highly recomend his site to anyone looking to take that next step!"
- FIT Happens LLC

"I LOVE enchiladas so I am super excited to try a variation of this recipe fromJoseph C. Donnelly's Fitness Page tonight :) delish!"
- Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.

"I really liked your article in the FITNESSRX magazine. You are very inspirational. I want to learn more and read more about your diet and exercise. What do I need to do to learn more about this. You have a great story thanks for sharing it with the world. Keep up the hard work joe."
- Dan F

"I'm really impresses with the info on your website. I'm proud to be a new subscriber."
- Aron M

Jabari Sims
"I took the back workout from the other day and mixed the intermediate with the regular...lats have been screaming! Thanks for what you do."
- Jabari S